We are a proud member of the Expatland Global Network which makes life easier for expats on the move.

What is the Expatland Global Network?
The Expatland Global Network is a resource that supports people all over the globe who are embarking on an expat journey, joining a vast, growing community.

If you were to group expats together to form a country, it would be the 5th largest country in the world, inhabited by more than 244 million people, and growing fast.

Expatland Teams or E-Teams bring together vetted professionals on the ground in a wide range of international locations. These E-Team members deliver the types of services needed by expats moving to a new location.

What does this mean for you?
If you are moving abroad or recently arrived to our city, we are able to introduce you to reputable service providers that will help you move or settle in. E-Team members provide services ranging from banking and insurance to medical and education services – even your beloved pet will be looked after by an E-Team member specialising in pet relocations.

It’s another way we help make the lives of our globally mobile clients easier.

Visit the Expatland Global Network website for more information or contact us now for an introduction to our E-Team members.



STEP Finalist - Accountancy Team of the Year 2015

STEP Finalist - Boutique Firm of the Year 2014

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